Palco rivestito in carply inaugurazione Olimpiadi Torino

Tensotend® designs and manufactures two distinct types of stages:

  • layher stage
  • modular stage.

The first, specifically for setting up large events and concerts, while the second is well suited to conferences.

Layher stages

For setting up concerts Tensotend® can provide a type of professional stage made with multidirectional steel structure.

Its strong point is the speed of assembly which thanks to the absence of bolt joints constitute a unique combination that allows you to connect the different components at right angles or to orient them at will, ensuring perfect load transmission.

For layher stages, a customized design is provided on demand to meet all needs.

Modular stages

The Tensotend® stage has a modular logic and therefore adapts to any space thanks to the side-by-side of 2×2 mt and 2×1 mt modules. It is therefore possible to build platforms with a minimum height of 30 cm up to a maximum of 3 meters.

The structure consists of a steel frame and its strong point is the capacity which varies from 600 kg/mq to 1000 kg/ mq.

To complete the stage, elements such as: access stairs, balustrade, coating of the front and side areas, covering of the stage itself.

Finally, there is the possibility to create on request a backstage, using wooden doors and paneling.

In both solutions of structures on the roof it is possible to hang American rings for the lights and for the audio system.

Tensotend® designs and manufactures customized coverings, both for rental and sale.
Tensotend® specializes in set-ups for corporate, public or private use (fashion shows, conventions, sporting events, ceremonies and concerts), implementing them with accessories and complements.


Layher Stage: structure made with multidirectional layher system perfect for concerts and shows. Ground anchoring by ballast.

Modular stage: the structure is made up of steel modules consisting of floor lamps and reticular beams with walkable panels in 2.7 mm thick plywood.


To complete the stage, Tensotend® provides elements such as:

  • scale d’accesso e balaustre rispondenti alla normativa vigente in materia di sicurezza, comprensive di battitacco
  • rivestimento delle zone frontali e laterali del palco
  • copertura del palco
  • access stairs and balustrades complying with current safety regulations, including door sills
  • coating of the front and side areas of the stage
  • coverage of the stage

La pavimentazione viene fornita in pannelli di legno multistrato di spessore circa 2,8 cm e su richiesta del cliente può essere rivestita in moquette e/o linoleum di qualsiasi colore.
The flooring is supplied in multilayer wood panels with a thickness of about 2.8 cm and can be covered with carpet and/or linoleum upon customer request of any color.

  • multilayer panel covering
  • stage and stair side skirt
  • graphics
  • stage coverage
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Layher Stages
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Modular Stages
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