Magazzino temporaneo con collegamento a struttura esistente

Tensotend® has decided to introduce the long-term rental of marquees for all those realities that need to expand their spaces.

What is long-term rental?

Long-term rental is a lease agreement that offers an alternative to the traditional purchase of the marquee and its available accessories.

The long-term rental is designed to meet the needs of those realities that need to expand their spaces without affecting their capital and avoiding bureaucratic delays related to installation of a fixed structure and its maintenance over time.

The payment of the monthly fee allow to use the marquee without buying it and to benefit from a series of services.

How does long-term rental work?

The long-term rental of a marquee allow to have a covering in complete peace of mind without purchase or management costs.

The long-term rental agreement is stipulated starting from a minimum period of 3 months without a time limit and provides for the payment of a monthly fee.

The monthly fee will allow not only to have the marquee that best suits your needs, but also to benefit from a series of services.

  • building practice included for temporary installations for the first one hundred and eighty days (Presidential Decree 380/2001 art. 6 c.1 letter e_bis)
  • ordinary maintenance
  • tax advantage over the sale of the good
  • intervention within 48h for structural control after significant atmospheric events
  • replacement of the structure and/or cloths in case of damage following a serious atmospheric event (snowfall, tornadoes etc.)
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