Sistema Tubair rivestito in cotone bianco

Thanks to our ability to provide both a heating system and a cooling system, you can rely on us for your events in every season of the year.

Heating System

The heating system is mainly made with heaters, equipped with a diesel oil burner, diversified according to the capacity and size of the structure to be heated. They are positioned outside and connected to the inside by a pipe equipped with a grid with adjustable fins.

As an alternative to those classic oil burners, we can supply electric heaters, which must be positioned inside the environment to be heated.

Cooling System

The cooling system consists of Roof Top monobloc air conditioners in heat pump with air/air operation having a Kw 29.00 in cold performance, including a thermostat and an electrical absorption of 12.5 Kw each.

The air conditioners will be connected to the structure by spiral shaped PVC pipes, supplying and returning air, connected to a diffusion grid.

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