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Tensotend® is an Italian company, founded in the late 1980s in Milan, which deals with design and production of marquees and tensile structures of all kinds and sizes, as well as of the rental and sale of marquees structures and tensile structures.

Tensotend® is specialized in the realization of corporate set-ups, public set-ups or private (such as fashion shows, events and conventions, sporting and musical events, ceremonies, weddings and concerts), implementing them with accessories and complements.

The company has over 100.000 mq. of facilities, flooring, stages, air conditioning and heating systems and is able to guarantee the entire production process, offering its Customers a range of products, including customized ones, for every type of need.

Thanks to its continuous expansion and thirty years of experience, Tensotend® has recently introduced the production of padel courts ( and related covers: from design to implementation, with attention to every detail.


The services offered by Tensotend® cover both  rental and sale of marquees and tensile structures at 360° and including:

  • technical inspection
  • customized commercial offer
  • transports
  • assembly and disassembly by skilled workers.

Tensotend®, to complete its set-ups, offers a wide range of standard or customized accessories in order to satisfy every request:

  • wooden platforms even levelling the unevenness of the ground below
  • floor coverings of any kind and color
  • doors, gates, portals
  • internal and external perimeter wings and walls
  • stands and related furnishings
  • warm and cool air conditioning systems
  • basic and scenic lighting
  • audio and video of every power and dimension

The highest level of quality and Customer satisfaction is guaranteed for each set up by Tensotend®.


 Since 1987, over 30 years of professionalism.


 Thanks to the production departments into which the company is divided, we are able to work independently the raw materials that make up the marquees and tensile structures.


Our workshop consists of 2 production lines:

  • steel for pavilions dedicated to fixed installations
  • aluminium for pavilions dedicated to temporary installations

Inside our department there are machinery and equipment of the latest generation..
Our qualified welders, thanks to their welding license, are able to carry out work with any degree of complexity.


This department uses the most modern equipment currently on the market, such as heat sealers and sewing machines. The PVC membranes are cut by plotter and then finished by industrial welding machines.

The packaging of PVC and cotton sheets in all our tents is rigorously made with high and first quality materials, absolutely fireproof for the fire reaction classes dictated by current regulations.


The cloth washing department deals with all materials intended for rental.
The materials are subjected to washing processes with artisan systems to ensure scrupulous attention in carrying out the cleaning and are subsequently dried with specific microfiber cloths. The care of the PVC cleaning of the marquees guarantees a reuse of perfectly cleaned and white materials at each rental .


All logistics and programming are organized and managed internally by the company thanks to its fleet of vehicles and mobile cranes and highly qualified staff and skilled workers dedicated to assembly the tents.

EN 1090
EN 1090

Tensotend® is one of the first companies to have adapted to the rules that decree the mandatory CE marking on structural components in steel or aluminum. Traceability obliges us to supply ourselves with CE marked raw material and to carry out the processing in compliance with what is described in the standard.
This type of process determines the guarantee of the structures Tensotend® and all their metal components for a duration of 10 years.

SOA 35/00
SOA 35/00

Compulsory certification for participation in tenders and public works.
OS 18A – Structural Components in Steel
OS 33 – Special Coverings, we are proud to say that few companies in Italy can boast of having this certification.

ISO 9001/2015
ISO 9001/2015

Quality certificate thanks to which the company gives guarantee of quality and traceability of each production process.


 In compliance with the ecological transition Tensotend® since its creation has always taken care and respect of the environment as long as set up places where we are called to work with our projects must often interact harmoniously with nature and integrate into the environment without distorting it.

But attention to the environment is further implemented in everyday operations: the entire coverage of the buildings is made with latest generation photovoltaic panels, to reduce Co2 emissions.

The use of renewable energy guarantees the necessary electrical power not only for processing but also for interior space heating.

In the production departments all the products necessary for processing are used in respect of the environment and chosen for their non-polluting properties.

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