Wood box serramenti e grafiche Piazza di Siena 2019

The wood boxes are modular coverings made of laminated wood, entrance glass with sliding window and side closures in insulated paneling.

The covering of the structure is made with panels and exposedmultilayer wood beams, all complete with external waterproofing using PVC membranes.
The structure has internal dimensions of 4×4 meters and externally is characterized by a front canopy that shelters the entrance.

The side by side of several modules allows you to create backbones of variable lengths of multiples of 4 m. Furthermore, since it does not have the need for internal connecting eaves between the modules, it can be divided by panels and internal partitions positioned as desired.

The side panels can be customized in various ways from the wooden slat to graphics.

The dehor in laminated wood is also built with the same construction method.

Tensotend® designs and manufactures customized coverings, both for rental and sale.
Tensotend® specializes in set-ups for corporate, public or private use (fashion shows, conventions, sporting events, ceremonies and concerts), implementing them with accessories and complements.

  • installation of crystal PVC cloths instead of windows
  • roof in insulated sheet metal
  • assembly without side panels for use as an outdoor area

Standard modules for wood box coverings:

  • 4 mt

It is possible to create backbones of variable lengths of multiples of 4 m.


The wood box covering can be set-up as “turnkey” service with our accessories: platform, electrical system, customized graphics, heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, furnishings, ceiling liners, paneling and much more.

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