Green House
Green House

Green House is an elegant greenhouse made of metal carpentry in antique micaceous black color equipped with fully glazed sliding doors to feel immersed in the surrounding panorama.

Copertura Padel
Padel Covers

Since 2021, Tensotend® has been designing, creating and installing padel courts and covers specifically designed for padel in compliance with the FIT regulations regarding heights and playing spaces.

Tendostruttura curva in pvc crystal

The marquees with the curved ridge, obtained with a special cryogenic process, allow you to combine greater structural rigidity with a fluid and soft line of great aesthetic value.

Tendostruttura ad arco in pvc bianco per inaugurazione yacht a Genova

Thanks to the polygonal shape arched marquees have higher internal useful heights than other structures and are suitable for events with large sets such as fashion shows, theatrical events and conventions.

Vela Rolex Cup Genova 2021

The sail tensile structures are a condensed of design and charm. The sails effectively cover medium and large surfaces and thanks to their versatility can be used for any fixed installation or temporary event.

Tendostruttura doppia falda in pvc crystal cena di gala sulla pista dell'Autodromo di Monza
Double Pitch

Double pitch marquees are the best solution for large covered surfaces to be used for the most varied uses: from events of small or large dimensions, to weddings to the storage areas.

Wood box serramenti e grafiche Piazza di Siena 2019

Wood boxes are modular coverings made of laminated wood, entrance glass with sliding window and side closures in insulated paneling and characterized by a front canopy at the entrance.

Monofalda per Humanitas

Monopitch marquees are designed to create architectural elements to be placed close to the existing building without overlooking the aesthetic effect and harmony. Can be used for events or cover terraces.

Tendostruttura tonda installata su palco modulare

Round marquees are characterized by a barrel vaulted shape which allows you to combine greater heights with a fluid aesthetic shape.

Installazione pagoda per temporary shop milano

Rectangular pagoda marquees are made in two dimensions. The octagonal pagoda is produced to cover larger areas.

Tendostruttura circolare Diamond poligonale in pvc crystal realizzata per una discoteca

Circular marquees are ideal both used individually, as they fitting with greater flexibility to particular spaces, and for multiple use.

Struttura con testata in abside con tamponamenti in pvc crystal installazione per matrimonio - Lombardia

The apse head module is compatible with classic pavilions and characterizes the end cap making the covering design more harmonious and pleasant.

Palco rivestito in carply inaugurazione Olimpiadi Torino

Stage is modular and adapts to any space thanks to the side by side of modules. For concerts the professional stage made with multidirectional steel structure is available.

Copertura custom progettata ex-novo per il porto di Genova

Tensotend® designs and manufactures innovative and tailor-made coverings to meet every need. All structures are customizable in dimensions and materials.