Vela Rolex Cup Genova 2021

The sail tensile structures are a condensate of design and charm. Their look evokes the sea and giving a sense of summer, vacation and freedom.

Despite their ethereal appearance, the sail tensile structurescan be an efficient covering for medium and large surfaces.
Moreover, thanks to their versatility they can be used for any fixed installation or temporary event.

The supporting structure of the sail tensile structures is made up of support poles in galvanized iron or anodized aluminum; the real sail, on the other hand, is made of fire-retardant coated PVC fabric and is highly resistant.

Tensioning takes place using steel cables while pegs or ballasts are used for anchoring, depending on the type of ground on which the structure stands.

On demand it is possible to have customized heights of the poles and ad-hoc geometries of the sail tensile structures for fitting any space.

Tensotend® designs and manufactures customized coverings, both for rental and sale.
Tensotend® specializes in set-ups for corporate, public or private use (fashion shows, conventions, sporting events, ceremonies and concerts), implementing them with accessories and complements.


Type of anchoring for the sail tensile structure to the ground:

  • ballast
  • pegs/dowels
PVC sails

The following PVC sails are available for the tensile structure:

  • white / blackout pvc
  • translucent / perforated pvc

The tensile structure can be set-up as “turnkey” service with our accessories, such as: electrical and lighting system, platform and furnitures.

Technical Card
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