Installazione pagoda per temporary shop milano

The pagoda marquees are made in two sizes, the 4×4 mt and the 5×5 mt, which are perfect for exhibitions and trade fair stands. To cover larger areas, the octagonal pagoda is produced with a diameter of 10 meters.

The pagoda marquees are made of steel while the infills (side and roof) are made of waterproof membrane coated with fireproof PVC while the octagonal pagoda marquee is made of aluminum and infill panels in fireproof PVC.

Tensotend® designs and manufactures customized coverings, both for rental and sale.
Tensotend® specializes in set-ups for corporate, public or private use (fashion shows, conventions, sporting events, ceremonies and concerts), implementing them with accessories and complements.


Type of anchoring for pagoda marquees to the ground:

  • ballast
  • pegs/dowels

The following types of PVC coatings are available for the marquee::

  • white pvc
  • crystal pvc
    recommended for evening events, in the case of daytime events it is preferable to use it only in the cold months
  • black pvc
  • colored pvc (only on demand)

The marquee can be set-up as “turnkey” service with our accessories: platform, electrical system, customized graphics, heating and cooling system, windows and doors, furnishings, ceiling liners, paneling and much more.

Technical Cards
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Rectangular Pagoda
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Octagonal Pagoda
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